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3 Years of Anies Baswedan; Highlights Zero DP Homes, Floods

6:51 AM

3 Years of Anies Baswedan; Highlights Zero DP Homes, Floods (

Ahmad Lukman Jupiter, treasurer of the Jakarta Legislative Council's (DPRD) NasDem Party, said that until his three years of leadership, Governor Anies Baswedan had not yet fulfilled his four campaign promises.

Jupiter outlined the four promises. Second, the initiative for zero down-payment accommodation. "The software has not been completely applied to date. There are still millions of Jakartans who, according to BPS (Statistics Indonesia) numbers, do not have a place to live," Jupiter said.

He also referred to the low-cost apartment complex in West Jakarta, or Rusunawa, whose occupancy rate was still low.

In the capital city, the second promise was about floods. Jupiter recalled that Anies was also sued over the widespread consequences of flooding by members of the public. The disaster mitigation of the region, he claimed, had not shown any essential outcomes.

The provincial and central governments, the NasDem politician said, we're still throwing the blame at each other related to river normalization.

The third campaign pledge that has not been fulfilled is the production of jobs, which Jupiter considered to have just vanished, via the OK Oce program.

Jupiter went on to note that reclamation projects were the fourth promise. Anies Baswedan claimed unequivocally during the election campaign that he was against reclamation. However, in North Jakarta, the government-sponsored the reclamation of Ancol. (thejakartapost)

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